Summertime heat and sheltering the strays

Hang’n@thedogpound with Kitty

Hello Darlinks, Kitty here. And welcome to the dog pound.

Summer has come and with that the Tics and Fleas are a lot more active now. Here in the desert we don’t have to worry about fleas but elsewhere fleas can be a very big problem. The best way to keep your pets protected is with a monthly or semi regular flea and tic protection like Frontline and others.

Summertime Hiking.

We Cats don’t hike and have no desire to meet our wild mountain cousins. We do however understand that our counter parts, Dogs, love to go hiking Why? I don’t know? For me a nice cool house with a fresh litter box is what I like best but then that’s just me I’m not really an outdoor kitty. Anwho, I digress. Summertime in the desert has temperatures climbing onwards of 116, like it did just the other day.

The best time of day to take the puppers hiking is Morning. The earlier the better. Sunrise is a Beautiful time for a hike I am told. Or How about at dusk around 6 P.M.? Another lovely time . Here are four (4) key things to remember when hiking with your Poochie Darlink.

  1. Stay on the trails, we have a beautiful desert but it can be harmful off trail.
  2. Keep Puppers on leash when that’s what the trail ask. Even if off leash walks are aloud I would think twice about it. Unless you have a dog that stays right near your side, keep them on leash as wondering dogs can not only find themselves in trouble but can hurt the deserts Eco-system as well.
  3. Keep them Hydrated. There are several different types of portable water bowl and bottle sets. Just as our human companions get dehydrated so do we. We may not show the signs like Humans do Puppers may just slow down his walk pace. This should be of great concern when this happens as Heatstroke can be a lot more life threatening to your pet then it is to you. Dogs with Shot noses like Pugs and Bulldogs have a much higher predisposition towards heatstroke. *
  4. If Poochinella is showing signs of heat stroke the best thing you can do is to get him cooled down right away then get Pochinee to the vet right away. My rule of thumb on heatstroke is the smaller the body the quicker the reaction time. Makes sense Doesn’t it Darlink’s? If you are going to walk Poochella at dusk. Remember that the sun can go down quickly and all of a sudden it is dark and you can’t see Poochie Woochie Darlink and that’s not a good thing. The answer is to always have either a light that attaches to their collars or better yet a light up collar. LED lights are the best because you can see them from farther away,(Green LED’s are the brightest.) then non-LED lights. In our house each dog has his own light up collar and leash. They are all rechargeable right from the computers usb port and have they are all LED. These work well if you just want to walk Fido and Fida at night ( I hear a great many desert dwellers do that in the summertime, Myself I stay inside Darlink’s.)


* One last thing about hydration. Many people have pools in there

backyards and those with larger dogs need to remember that while

it is O.K. For them to drink from the pool it is better if you

have fresh water sources for them inside and out

In our home there is water inside in a big bowl and then there are

Fountains and a small plastic kiddy pool that is kept filled with

water (these have to be cleaned out at least once a week.

The new animal shelter will be opening here soon. It is looking good from the outside. I haven’t seen the inside ( I have no plans) I’ll leave that to my human companions. I hear though that it will be nice. Here are somethings that you can do to be a part of the success of the new home for the lost and in need of love. 1 become a friend of The Palm Springs Animal Shelter. 2. Donate a small kiddy pool they use them to keep pets cool. (cost of a kiddy pool 5 bucks or so Life saved priceless Darlink, priceless.) 3. Volunteer. One of my Human Companions is looking into Volunteering as a dog walker, but there are a great many volunteer opportunities at all area shelters who knows you just might meet the love of your life,(That is where I found my Human companions as did two of my Dog brothers.) and how great would that be Darlink ?!.

Goodness, time for my cat nap on the chair in the living room near the swamp cooler in the sun.

Until next time Darlink’s

Keep safe Keep Cool and Keep Adopting the life you rescue could end up being your very own Darlink’s

Ciao Bella



Area Shelter you can volunteer at

Animal Samaritans

Palm Springs Animal Shelter

Riverside County animal shelter



Riverside County Animal Shelter Facebook

Loving All Animals



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