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Buddy’s Corner

Hello there, Buddy here. And Welcome to Buddy’s Corner. This is the spot for fun pet Videos and Weird pet stories. I find them and Share them with you. Enjoy.


BFFs for life….. Or until the cops separate us


it seems in Capshaw Alabama that a woman recently came across a goat and a dog playing on US route 72. Fearing that the would get hit she stopped to usher them off the road way only to have the Goat climb up on top of her Mercedes. I’m assuming they kept right on playing, only now the goat had a distinct advantage and the woman’s car a very distinct disadvantage. Oh and I’m sure Fido wasn’t happy either. When Molly Goat is on top of a car she is hard to play with everyone knows that. Anywho, the woman not thrilled by the goat dancing on her car ( who would be goats love a fancy tin can) call the local police. The police arrived and put Fido’s BFF the goat in the back seat of the squad car. Fido jumped in after Molly, I guess Fido didn’t want the fun and frivolity to end, Or maybe he thought he could provide her bail down at the police station. Unfortunately their friendship was not to last as Fido was dropped of at the Vets and Molly went to live at one of the deputies home. Oh well they had fun while it lasted.





This Gets filed under I soooo do not understand humans sometimes.

Lada shows every human just why they need us.


I seems that a woman had gone to the park with her baby and her Rottweiler Lada to meet friends for drinks. Her drinks soon turned into drunk and the baby watching soon became Lada’s responsibility.


When her drunkfest was over and she woke up the next morning in a panic because her baby was gone. Nothing like losing your kid in a park. I am surprised they don’t lose more of them, they lose us all the time. Anywho she called her daddy and he came to her rescue. Well sort of. He found the baby. But the real hero is Lada who guarded the baby, as the Drunken Mum slept off here booze binge in apparently another area of the park.

Here’s to Lada the heroine of the day……Maybe Lada should raise the child. Just a thought.



Headlines Headlines What do they all Mean? I’ll tell you exactly what they mean.

Let we explain these recent pet related headlines to you from my prospective here at Buddy’s Corner


Alternative Medicine – Bringing Benefits for Pets?

This one I don’t care about. I don’t have to take any Medicine. I’m all good. Next……




How Can I Get My Dog To Stop Jumping The Fence?


Build a higher fence? Duh.


Maybe you should pay more attention to your Fifi or Fido and teach them not to jump the fence or find a way to relieve the anxieties they are having that make them want to jump the fence. Just a thought



K9 Magazine Report: Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?


Because it is there! That is why, enough said. On a personal note it is not for me. My brother Joe though…..



Do I need to Supplement My Dogs Food

Of course you do with lots of hugs, playtime and walks…Walks Yheaaaa.


And the last head line for today


Dog Training For Owners

To which I say yes yes yes Where do I sign up. You need to know what it is like to have to perform tricks. I refuse. I could if I wanted to but I don’t and my human companion know not even to put so much as a hat on me. My brother Elton love to dress up. I digress. My point and I do have one, Dog training for humans is good. Then you can learn how to best take care of us. You go to parenting classes ( well some do. Others should) so why not? I say yes, yes, yes




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