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Keeping us pets safe on the Fourth Of July




Hello Darlinksss, And Happy Fourth of July my luvs, Kitty here.


I want to talk to everyone about the Fourth of July. While you Humans enjoy the fireworks and gatherings and people, it can be a much different day for your pets. Sadly July 4th rankest as the Number 1 day for losing and run away pets.


One of my dear friends Murphy was rescued a week after the 4th of July. He lived out the rest of his life safe and secure because his Human companions knew what to do to keep him safe on noisy *Holidays like the fourth of July.


While indeed it is great to adopt a pet companion after the fourth of July. It is sad that the ended up lost. Many of us who get frightened and run to try and escape the scary noises end up not making it.

We get confused and then we don’t know which way to run and the next thing you know we find ourselves in the middle of a busy intersection staring down at a set of on coming head lights like a deer. Sorry that’s been a night mare of mine as long as I can remember. But you get my point darlinks


While you humans like to enjoy the day in many different ways. Whether it be a picnic by the beach. A backyard BBQ or watching the Palm Springs Power bat one out of the park, the day usually ends in a gloriously beautiful display of fireworks. Yes they are beautiful to look at (I myself have been mesmerized by the light.) But, as I said the sounds can be Very scary and confusing to us pets. They become something we need to get away from.



Here are some tips for keeping your pet companions safe on this most patriotic and festive day.


If you must go out make sure that we have a safe and secure area to be in.(preferably indoors) put on some soothing music or programing we like to watch (Fishing, HSN) turn the volume loud enough to help minimize outside noises but soft enough that the neighbors won’t complain.


Provide us with toys we can play with if we do get stressed such as favorite anything with catnip in it. A chew for Fido is good too.


Let us have one room that’s all we need keep it simple. A toy a bed water music or t.v. We just need to feel safe and calm.


If you are taking us along (not likely with us cats.)or staying home and having a backyard BBQ engage us. Make us part of the day talk to us. Play with us.


If we become nervous make sure we have a safe place to go to where we can just Chill for a bit. Some of us get claustrophobic and nervous around large groups of people. My friend Lucas is like that.


When the Fire works start make sure we are safe and secure elsewhere or in your laps being petted and held so we feel safe.


Remember we are not unlike you humans in that we get frightened too. The world is a much bigger place to us and a little more scary at time. We rely on you humans to keep us safe and happy so we can be the companions we need to be for you.


If you do take your dog along with you for your celebration make sure that when night fall they are leashed. The sounds could get them running pretty darned fast. It is always good to have some sort of light on them for after dark. Whether it is a light ball that hooks to the collar or a light up collar such as the ones we have here at the House of Elton.


One last tip. If you haven’t had your pet micro chipped Please do. This helps us get back to our human companions if we do get lost. Also keep the information on yourself current so if we do get lost they can return us to you.


Well Darlinks that about wraps it up for now.


Until next time luv, I’ll just be hang’n@thedog pound








    *Chinese New Year is another time of the year when the noises can be very scary



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